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Email or Call about Availability and Custom Package Rentals for Delivery or Pick Up. Cases included
. Guaranteed testing prior to rental period.

Ram Cargo Promaster Van 2017, V6 (New Engine and Fully Serviced)

Grip & Lighting Box Truck with Lift. Includes: Mambos, Combos, Hi Hi’s, C Stands, Schedule C Pipe, Green Screens, Grids, Scrims, Trims, Flags, Apple Boxes, Sand Bags, (2) Rayzr 20″ RGBWW LED Panel 2500-9K, (1) Keno Celeb 4′ Bi-Color, (1) Keno Flo 4′ Bi and Ballast, (2) Keno 2′ Bi and Ballasts, (2) Bi Color Light Mats 18″, Misc. hardware, ladders, stingers/adapters.

Midas M32, Klark Teknik

Fender Play Stratocaster, Deluxe Locking Tuners, Tele-Mod Neck+Bridge Pick-up

Fender Telecaster, Control Plate Upgrade 920D Custom Reversed, Deluxe Locking Tuners, Neck Vintage Stack Pickup, Bridge Hot Stack Pickup

Martin Special X OOO Cutaway, Fishman MX Preamp, Volume, Tone, Tuner

Fender P Bass, Bad Ass Bridge, DiMarzio Model P Pickups

Fender Jazz Bass

Epiphone Joe Pass

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, Red Coat Wizard Emmince Cone, 40W

Peavey Delta Blues x 15″

Yamaha G100 212 III

Ampeg PortaFlex-500W x 12″

GK Backline 600, 410 BLX 400W

DW Performance Series Kit

DW 3000 Single or Double Kick Pedals; Remo, Aquarian, or Evans Heads; Zildjian K, or A Series Cymbals, Sabian AA Series Cymbals

Roland KC500 x 15″

Carvin BX600 Head, Neo 10.4

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