“Yesterday” Coming Soon…

What do you get when you mash Eagles style country rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd melodies, and then top it all off with the soothing yet powerful vocal range of Martina McBride? Well, drawing from these artists, soon enough we are releasing a single named, “Yesterday.” As the title suggests, the song speaks to a certain romanticism of the past when things were simpler, yet fulfilling. Were excited to finally be featuring a country song with Whisper Ortiz on lead vocals–a genre for which she demonstrates an acute affinity. But were also excited to be releasing a song that is relevant to so many of us whom have put our love lives on hold throughout the pandemic.

That winter love that your hiding, might have to wait till the spring

Check out a sneak preview of some of Tyler Tardiff’s lead guitar from our recent rehearsal. And please stay tuned! Because “Yesterday” is coming soon!

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